Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

The combination of Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain Argentina Win

Two goals from Gonzalo Higuain to be the key to victory over Venezuela Argentina's national team in a World Cup qualifier match 2014. Real Madrid striker is working well with Barcelona star Lionel Messi to topple his opponent by a score of 3-0.Two goals thanks to assists Higuain created by Messi, while La Pulga yourself a goal back through the white point in the first round.Playing at home for the first time in 2013, Argentina started the match very well, Messi almost scored a quick goal in the first minute, but Dani Hernandez managed to thwart the opportunity.Argentina are unbeaten in the last 12 months defense kept pounding Venezuela. Hernandez returned after Messi was forced to rescue a combination of the two with Higuain and Lavezzi Ezequiell missed rebound that led to it.The deadlock finally broken in the 29th minute, Walter Montillo who replaced Angel Di Maria, who was absent due to a card, send a quick feedback to Messi who then followed with a through ball to Higuain who then easily conquered Hernandez and put the hosts ahead 1 -0.Alejandro Sabella squad ended the first half with a two-goal lead, thanks to goals from Lionel Messi penalty in the final minutes. Penalties are obtained after Gabriel Cichero seen a handball in the penalty box.In the second half, Messi almost scored again quickly when the game started. But Hernandez again performed brilliantly to break Messi kick and prevent a third goal.However, one minute before the game goes an hour, Higuan and Messi returned to the special combination. Messi creates space in midfield and showed his vision by sending a through ball to Higuain fit, despite Venezuela suspect offside player. Madrid striker is back easily into the net Hernandez to change the position to be 3-0.With the win, Argentina more firmly in the Conmebol standings with a four-point advantage over Colombia.